Sunday, July 22, 2007


One year ago I took AirAsia from KLIA to Sarawak. Yesterday, I had been KLIA again. I went to airport see my sister off. Her company sent her to oversea as the training. The duration would be two months or maybe more than that. For the first three weeks she would be at Belgium. After that would be stay at Holland until end of the training. My sister is expected to go oversea since long time ago. And always due to the certain reasons she failed to do that. Yes, now her dream comes true.

I’m admired that she had an opportunity went out to Europe country. When is my turn? Haha…. Good news is that I can take her car. But then I’m going to use it start from next month. I know everyone curious that why I don’t take it as early as possible. “Got car woh, of cause faster go and take it then go to lepak”. =.=" I hope to get it immediately as well. But this month I was broke. My parents are not afforded to pay me living expenses because of the financial problems. So I have to use my own savings.
Sign….luckily that for this month only. :)

Monday, July 09, 2007


I had done one of the assignments. It spent me one and half days to complete. It is really took your patient and sat down at there for a whole day did the cross hatching. Well, I’m not going to write so much at here. Below are the proceeding of my drawing.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

July: Busy like hell!!!

Yes. This month is really busy, busy and busy. Next thursday I going to hang up one assignment plus a mid term. Then friday have to submit one assignment as well. Continue, saturday submit one assignment too. SHIT!!!!!!!! How could it be done within one week? For those who came from Form 6 worse than us. Totally they got five subjects to go. We got three subjects already suffer like that. I can't imagine how they settle all their works on time.

After my observation, I realized that they are really working hard to their works. I remember one of my previous housemate said that college and university simple a lot if compared to Form 6. The amount of the works is more than now two times. So I guess the current works are sup sup sui to them.

I was thinking that is it we are lazy? Or we still stay back on the diploma life? During our diploma, all the assignments would be submitted by the end of the semester. Thus, there are around 14 weeks to prepare everything. But now the situation is slightly different. All the duration of the works are within two to four weeks only. Too short! Well, there is no point to keep on complaining at here. All the works still need to go on. The things you need to do are try your best to finish up all. And one more, the works must be in quality as we are diploma students. Stress you know.