Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I received my final semester result. I was definitely not satisfied with it. I had put the sufficient effort on that assignment. But in the end, the one who just combined the proposal able to get A for that subject. What about me? I only got B. Below was the conversation between my mum and me.

Mum: next time don't be silly...pass all the works to your group
members. Then you will get A.
Me : you want your son fail in that subject,right?
Mum: if not what to do? Next time got the same situation don't
come and complain complain to me...

I know there might be some other reasons that I couldn't get A. The whole project divided to two parts. Firstly, the analysis report and presentation would be counted as individual work. The other part was the team work. So is it I lost the marks from the individual work? Perhaps.
Well, the grade doesn't represented everything. I understand that next time your boss will focus on your skills rather than the grade. You had the good result it doesn't mean you had the good skills. So I hope that I can balance both of it.