Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Too boring?

After finishing exam I got nothing to do like now I spent some time at the kitchen.......


Finally the exam is finished. No more revision, no more worried. No, I should worry whether can pass all the paper or not. Ok…. let me have a nice holiday first. Anything just biarkan dulu.

I just brought the ticket ready to back hometown by the coming Wednesday.:D

Monday, April 14, 2008


Mine considered as not that nice if compare to her (yee leng) Look Out Point’s photos, perhaps the sky still remain lot of black clouds. Because around 3pm was raining until 5pm something.

Mushroom chicken chop

Special sizzling chicken chop

The sky had changing from time to time.

Stay up late frequently cause me catch cold now. :(

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Joshua's birthday celebration

This was the celebration of Joshua’s birthday and greet myself finished the assignment at the same time. It is really tough to rush all the final submission within two weeks ago. Normally in the diploma session, I sacrificed one night sleeping hour to complete the works. Now it is totally not work in my university life. Even two nights also seems not enough to use. Yea lah….I knew I always last minutes work. Hehehe…..

Well, back to Joshua’s birthday celebration. This post is supposed to talk about his celebration. :D

At the previous, Sharon who is introduced this Japanese restaurant to Hon Mun. After the research from internet, we got quite lot of good comment on this restaurant. (I feel like eating sushi at that time also: p)

As usual we arrived there early and prepared everything. While waiting for him, we ordered two plates of sushi because very hungry. The sushi was great. For our main course, I rated it as ok ok only. (Maybe other would be nicer.)

After finishing everything, it was the time to take out the cake. One of the staff brought out the cake and sang the birthday song together with us. In the end, many the staffs gave him a greeting when we walked out from the restaurant. Conclusion, the services was good. Haha….Total of amount is RM170.25 after discounting RM5. Therefore, the price is acceptable.

Due to the low light condition, some of the photos might be blurred.

Waiting for the main character come forward......

Salmon salad maki

Soft shell crab maki

Chicken katsu curry

Chicken katsudon (small)

Chicken katsudon (large)


Sake zanmai

Inari salmon salad

Soft shell crab temaki, salmon salad temaki and tuna salad temaki

Main character, Joshua and Camie

Chocolate cake, but good taste

Group photo

Lastly, why I only appeared once within all of the photos? Because I holding the camera. Never mind, I enjoyed taking the photos for them. :D

*I got one more kissing shot didn’t post at here because I haven’t get the permission from the owner yet. :D

Outdoor practical class.......continue

Continue to the preview post. Genting Highland is a nice weather for shooting as you won’t perspire easily. Maybe Christopher considered of this point. Hehe….I think there are not much special things to photograph though. Below are the random shots.

Thomas confront with the police?

Ah pek, why look so sad? Don’t know the way back to hotel?

Why these two state of flag tied together one? Is there any special relationship?

Genting Hotel is doing the maintenances.

All of us had the cup mee outside the Genting Hotel. Cold wind + hot cup mee

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Outdoor practical class

I am very tired of came down from Genting Highland. More photos will be uploading later.