Monday, July 21, 2008


Durian ah!.......RM10 for 3

That's one of my favorite fruit. The last I had the durian was three years ago.

The durian isn't bad. Tomorrow we're going to buy it again. Hehe....

Joshua's face is thick enough, the durian stick on his face also not a big deal. lol.....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I pick few of the Bali's photos and developed into HDR.

Enjoy it. Comments are welcome.










Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 6 @ Bali

Sign, the last day for staying at Bali.

Everyone woke up at 6am to see sunrise beside the beach. During that time, the workers just started to clean up the beach and all that.

After enjoying the sunrise, it’s time to have our breakfast at hotel. The breakfast started from 6.30am. Damn early.

Finished breakfast then back room and had a nap. mmg pig…

I ready to soak into the bathtub. If someone massage for me at the same time will be nicer. Hehehe….

12pm, we checked out the hotel. Our driver came over here at 2.30pm something. Then we spent the time at the seaside.

Candid shot.

There are two little islands out of the beach. Andrew and I try to walk over there.

I had been the first island.


Along the way we found lot of starfish.

The seawater was clear like the mineral water.

I arranged it for fun.

Another massage was making at 3pm. It was free of charge as well. They offered the full body massage to us and its duration was around 1 hour. I felt relax after having that.

Last station, we’re shopping at Kuta local market and Matahari.

Kuta local market, it’s not worth to shopping around here because the stuffs not that cheap. The sellers were not so friendly too.

Matahari was the local shopping center where beside the Kuta local market. You can get the very cheap price and quality clothing here.

Our last dinner at Bali would be at Hard Rock café. We got the vouchers to enjoy the free dinner here. You only can choose one from the three main courses and a soft drink.

I ordered herbal grill chicken breast. Its big portion and most of them couldn’t finish it. Yet I managed to do so as I too hungry.

Fish and chip. Good taste!

While we’re having the dinner, a guy tries to propose to his girlfriend. He cooperated with Hard Rock café that passed him a microphone and announced his declaration to the girl. The huge projector screen playing their sweet couple photos and he started to sing the love song, Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You. The guy shows a bit nervous and stressful as he couldn’t fail this mission. He then kneels down and shows out the ring. Everyone in the café was cheered up them. In the end, the girl nodded and said “I do”. Romantic sei~

Suddenly, a band perhaps arranged by the café, they presented the Balinese music as the greeting to them. But the music was like “dong-dong-dong-chiang….dong-chiang-dong-chiang”, very close to that kind of music when Chinese held the funeral. If I’m not mistaken the couple are either from Malaysia or Singapore.

Dana sent us to airport and took a group photo together with him before we’re leave. Kesian the driver kena hold the camera for us. lol…..

The flight was departure at 11.35pm. We arrived KL was already 2am.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 5 @ Bali

Almost the recommended sightseeing tour had been visited by four days ago and the Bali trip supposed to end on yesterday. If we stick back to four days trip at Bali, the return flight ticket will be expensive a lot. Therefore, we extended another two days at here. Tour guide and driver would not be here within these days as their task had been done on day four. Anywhere we would like to go have to arrange by ourselves.

Previously, we’re desperate to see dolphin at Lovina. We found the driver to go over there. The driver was actually introduced by Dana.

You can to see the dolphin at 7am to 8am only. We have to start on the journey at 2.30am midnight because the destination was far away from our hotel. It spent us around three hours to arrive there. The boat we took was narrow and it doesn’t have so much space allow you to move around.

Nice sunset.

Yet the moon was there.

The sun is rising up from the sea level.

There are lots of boats looking for the dolphin as well.

The dolphin is jumping up from the sea. Can you see that?

It was hard to capture the dolphin. This was the best shot I had among all the dolphin’s photos.

Watch the video.

This video is funny as you can hear my sister making the excited sound.

Afterward, the boatman brought us to marine park feed the fish. We saw a starfish totally in blue color, very nice.

Still the same, the marine park was not as good as Redang but better than the snorkeling we had on day four.

Oh yea, the transportation fee to go Lovina.
Van & driver: Rp600, 000 (approx. RM200)

Boat: Rp150, 000 (approx. RM50)

On the way back, we make stop at Gitgit waterfall. Entrance fee is needed, Rp6, 000.

Again, we’re desperate to eat Bebek Bengil. We persuaded to the driver bring us to eat it. The driver agree with that in the end (no extra charge oh, baguskan the driver).

Bebek Bengil. Bebek = Itik; Bengil: Goreng.

Pork ribs. It was so tasty. It is highly recommended.

The photos below are taken at Aston Hotel.

Evening, we took the shutter bus which was provided by the hotel to Nusa Dua town. This town was control by the strict security. We passed through the shopping center, Sogo to Nusa Dua beach.

Within the Nusa Dua area, we found a place called “Water Blow”. lol….

Dinner at Tropical, Nusa Dua town.

Tuna salad.

It’s mine. I addicted the pork ribs. But the taste not that good, perhaps it’s mixed with BBQ sauce. :(

Night view of hotel’s swimming pool. We’re lying on the sun chairs and watch the stars.

To be continue....