Friday, August 31, 2007


Today is last day of August. Today is Malaysia 50th Independence Day. Today I am alone at home. Today I felt super boring and emptiness.

30-8-2007 Merdeka eve programs
5.50am: I woke up and get ready to fetch Yee Leng.
6.45am: Started from Sentul went to PJ Utar.
8.00am: Drawing presentation.
10.00am: Finished the presentation and went to study room settle

another assignment. Because later have to submit it.
12.30pm: Having the lunch at SS2 Wong Kok with some of my course

2.00pm: Arrived Mid Valley and took a look the home deco exhibition.
3.00pm: Tasting different kind of moon cake at moon cake stall with

Kelvin’s brother. :D
5.00pm: Arrived Bandar Sunway and lepak at second hand shop while

waiting the steamboat shop open.
5.30pm: Started to eat steamboat + chitchat + ss at there.
8.00pm: Finished our steamboat and time to back home.
9.30pm: Reached home. (Thanks to Hon Mun guide me back Wangsa

Maju). I was tired like hell.
10.00pm: Did my favorite thing, watch drama. :D
12.00am: I heard lot of firework around my housing area.
1.00am: Sleep!

Although we were not going to countdown and watch firework at certain places, but we still enjoyed the whole journey.

* Coming the sunday plan to watch firework at Putrajaya…:P*

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Final piece


It looks scary, right? Hehe….. I am continuing with my portrait. As Lx Mxx Wxx said drawing consume lot of energy. It’s true. That’s the reason I had my supper at midnight 2 o’clock. It is just a short post. Not much things to write. :D

Monday, August 20, 2007

Piece of artwork

I started draw this piece of drawing at Friday night. I fully use charcoal. I get suffer during fill up the tone on the illustration board. I am not able to handle the charcoal very well. Only the facial part I make it for one night. The hair only spent me half of the day. My back bone felt painful for sitting there for a whole day. Really, I put the sufficient effort on that. What about I get a low mark for it? Don’t worry, I will kill Lx Mxx Wxx. Hahaha…. Let’s look at the incomplete work.

I know my piece still not achieve the high level skill yet.


Remain the background not finish yet and it will be complete soon. I will update the final piece later.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Time passes fast

Well, so fast step into middle of August. There are remaining around three to four weeks and going to end my first semester. Afterward, I have three months of semester break as well. So it’s the time to get a job. Actually I aiming the Photoshop artist which is doing the photo touch up. But I found that it is hard to get such kind of position. Either their requirements are too high or none of this position shown in the job search website. Anyway, I still keep going on to search it. At the same time, position of graphic cum web design is not bad too. The requirements are fine to me. I’m not expecting a high payment as I lack of working experiences. What I want is try to learn something new out of my school life.

In the other side, suddenly so desperate to own a digital SLR. Haha…. Don’t forget that the notebook is waiting for me. How am I going to own both things at the same time? The digital SLR actually uses it for my coming semester subject which is digital photography. Before that I planned to share it with someone else. As you know it is an expensive stuff. Later on I was thinking that since it is capture in digital form, if I own it still can keep it for my personal use, right?

Nikon D40x

Yes. I prefer Nikon. Maybe its sharpness of the image grabs my attention. I’m not sure the price yet. According to Malaysia’s Nikon official website, they list out as RM2, 988.00. They reported as it is Nikon’s smallest digital SLR. I had some research about this model in some of the forums. They comment this model everything is good but it lack of autofocus motor in the camera body. I don’t know how important the thing is. I need to know about that if anyone expert in this field.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Broke again!

As my previous post mentioned that there is no more financial problem on this month. Now, I’m broke again. Few days ago I call back and request for the living expense from my mum. She told me the problem not settles yet. But she still paid me 500 bucks. It sounds quite a lot, right? Honestly, it is not enough. Below is the calculation:

Rental: RM250
Bills: RM50
Transport: RM80
Total: RM380

See? Conclusion is remaining 120 bucks after deducting all the costs above. Try and think of 120 bucks how to spend it within one month. It means my consumption of everyday cannot over 4 bucks. Oh my god.

Yesterday I was walking around in Jaya Jusco’s food department almost two hours. What for I stay at there so long? I was like those stingy housewives who looking for the most cheap and worth goods ( cantonese called: peng, leng, zeng). I have no choice to do that.

I bought two packs of Cintan mee without any flavoring. Here offer me 8 meals. It is most cheap and branded mee. It cost me RM3.25.

It is black pepper source and use to replace the dark soya sauce. As the dark soya sauce cost 3 to 4 bucks something. I never try to mix the mee with black pepper sourse before. Ohya, it is only 2.90.

Unknown branded of chicken burger. The reason that I choosing it, CHEAP! Normally it is around 5 to 6 bucks. Now this one cost me 3 bucks something.

It is called “ yao muk”. Although it is 70 sen but I planned to divide it into 3 meals.

My favorite drink. It is the cheapest as well for 1 liter pack.

All the goods here total is RM14 and allow me to have 8 meals. Each meal is RM1.75. Now does u agree that I was like the stingy housewife? Fine, I don’t mind what your comments are. Finally, I hope Ah Sir read through my post. Wish that he understand my circumstances and not forcing me to buy the Bofa Set. /cry

Oh yea, this week I going to celebrate Yik Ming’s birthday too. /faint…. Help~ anyone can send me to the jail? Only jail will offer the free meal and accommodation.