Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007

Today is last day of 2007. What is your feeling now? My feeling is not that happy as the long semester holiday going to end very soon. Yes, I never miss the UTAR life. There is only a word that always appeared in my mind, horrible. Well, well, well, I shouldn’t talk something that makes me unhappy right now.

Back to 26-12-2007, it was Camie’s birthday. There are total 10 peoples involved in this celebration included Camie of cause. It was a simple celebration. We make it at home and side order the pizza and KFC. I prepared the curry fish balls too (Christmas Eve’s BBQ remained banyak fish ball tau! So I take this chance to clear it. Hehehe…). Before that I was planning to upload the recorded video of Joshua kissing Camie. Unfortunately, both of them not allowed me to do that. Anyway, I respect them.

As usual picking up the candle with the mouth.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Missed out

I missed out this in the previous post. Today is my dad’s birthday as well. I wish him happy birthday.

26 December 2007, after Christmas....

I couldn’t sleep right now. Today around 10am arrive my home and went to sleep until just now, 11.00pm. After that I went to BRJ yum cha together with Joshua and Ah Mok. I ordered the nasi lemak ayam, roti canai cheese and cup of teh O panas. I was like two days didn’t eat any foods. Perhaps I had drank too much of beer last night. Actually not much, just four glass of it. (Mum, thanks for helping me drink the fourth glass). To be honest, I dislike drinking the wine and beer. I lose in such a simple game play. So this was the punishment. I’m not really felt of getting drunk, just my head felt heavy and my face heat up quickly. One more, I was hyper after having that. I keep on disturbing those who are try to sleep on the bed. Jahat~

So for the BBQ section, I’m not going to post it at here due to the photos not with me right now. Maybe you can look out for the YeeLeng’s blog later. Lastly, thanks for the Christmas present.

Happy birthday to Camie. Wish you all the best in the following years. :D

Friday, December 21, 2007

Two days to go.........Christmas eve

Hehe, almost end of the December only update my blog. There are actually quite lots of things to get ready update in here. As usual, two words to say: “Lazy loh!”

The Christmas is coming very soon. I don’t know it should be happy or sad. I haven’t buy the Christmas present and don’t even know what should I buy. BBQ will be the main celebration for this Christmas. No countdown or any crazy spray activity on this year.

That’s all for this post. Hehe, I know it is very fu hin. At least won’t to be 0 post end up by this month.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Miserable life

I gonna crazy soon. I know what my current condition is and I can’t afford to go out have some fun like shopping, eating at here and there or even traveling. The one I can do is everyday hiding myself at home and around two days only step out from my house once. Normally went to fill up the water and buy some ingredients for cooking. It is a miserable lifestyle.

My new housemate’s boyfriend asked me: “You don’t think it is boring that staying at home everyday?” “Eh, today didn’t step out from house ah?” “Everyday surfing and watching series don’t felt boring meh?”

Sigh, what can I reply to him?
I always answer: “ok ok loh”.

Actually another answer appeared in my mind, do you think I wish to do that? I got do nothing with the broke period. I stay at home is the best of the best way and praying the loan come faster. Yes, FASTER please. Ok?

*Dear Mr. PTPTN, it is quite a serious matter for late releasing the payment.*

Monday, November 19, 2007

Crabs crabs crabs



Since few weeks ago had the bad taste of seafood at Pulau Ketam, just now I went to eat crabs again. Actually my sister suggests this great idea during on the way back to KL from Ipoh. The location of this restaurant is Bandar Sri Damasara, Taman Wangsa Permai. There are already full of people while we reach there at 6pm. The crab’s price is damn cheap. It is cheaper than Pulau Ketam. They offer RM18 per kg. Approximately three crabs.

There are few more kinds of cooking the crabs, such as cheese, “kung bou” and “kam heong”. Before that we were planning to order crabs only. But it won’t look so good. So we ordered “salt yolk crabs” and a “taufu”. Both of the dishes are delicious. It is really cheap and good taste. That is the reason draw lot of people come forward to taste it.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Yea, I’m free until I have lot of time to prepare for my dinner everyday. Above is my dinner just now. It contains of spaghetti, pork chop, egg, and tomato. Perhaps the arrangement of the food not so attractive (because the plate not big enough to fit in all the things).

It just a short post, and tomorrow I’m going back to hometown.

Friday, November 09, 2007

PhotoshopWorld Asia Pacific 2007

I attended the Photoshop World Asia Pacific 2007 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel by three days ago. There were around thousands and three hundreds of people joined this seminar. Ms Loh Ming Wei and CK were being there also. I noticed that all of the speakers in this seminar came from oversea, for example Singapore.

The seminar was all regarding to the Adobe Photoshop which is included its history, products, and tutorials. The organizer provided few of the professional to show the live tutorials in many aspects. It was related to graphic design, web design, advertising, photo retouching, etc. It is really worth to attend this event.

You may gain lot of additional knowledge in using the Photoshop, if you had copy down all the steps of the tutorials that they showing on the projector screen. Unfortunately, I didn’t do that. I just sit at there and focus on what they are doing in Photoshop. That’s why I forget 90% of the steps. Anyone got the full notes or part of it? Is that possible to give me a copy?

Monday, November 05, 2007

Say nothing!

Yea, I knew that I having the boring life everyday. It happened since the semester break started on October. Currently, I’m not watching drama then will be surfing internet or even playing the yahoo online game. Is that everyone are expecting this kind of life style? Yes, you are. But after a short period you will understand what is my feeling now.

You probably suggest me go and get a job. Either it is full time or part time. Previously, I applied quite lot of jobs which is related to design. For example, web designer, graphic designer, etc. I had received some feedback from that. The worst thing was a company totally lost contact while I inform them that I accept their job offer. I don’t know whether it is good luck or bad luck.

Today I went to Jaya Jusco to look for the job. I found that few of the shop stick a vacancy notice beside its main entrance. Well, I walked in interview. After around 10-20 seconds, I walked out. The reason is all of the positions are already full. I was wondering that since it is already get somebody, why they still put the notice out? Memang babi!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Home made ice-kacang?

Collecting the ice...

Ice ball.....

Hehe... It was actually collect from the freezer. The ice was being amassed almost one inch of thickness. Camie and I used different kind of way to remove the ice with the tool kit and table spoon. We were take turns to remove it. Because it is really spent you quite much of energy and strength. While the moments we removing the ice, I felt that we were tend to demolish the fridge.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

J.CO Donuts & Coffee, Pavilion

There are crowded and long queue waiting for purchasing the donuts.

The bakers are processing the donuts.

Snap a photo before getting ready to taste the donuts.

It is half dozen and several of flavor. (The green color one is most bad taste. I think it is green tea flavor.)

Unknown title

Look at it! It is such a beautiful chocolate. Sister bought it from Switzerland.

There are varieties of chocolate.

These two stupid fellows were imagining themselves at wintertime while wearing the winter dress.

* Just now went to Pavilion. The post is coming up soon. *

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New table fan

The previous table fan some problem occurred few months ago. My friend who pro in repairing electronic stuffs told me that normally is the small component get spoiled. I don’t know what the name of that component called is (but I saw it before). After buying that new component and installed it only noticed that it is not work at all. /keksei... Conclusion is the fan’s motor gets spoiled. (Cantonese called “tar pau”)

The new table fan is Pensonic brand which is same brand with the previous one. It cost me around RM67.00. Recently I noticed that changing quite lot of new things. Like few days ago the new LCD monitor. Now is my table fan turns. When can I have a new car, new house (dreaming….)? Hehe….

On the other side, I have a new housemate/ Camie’s roommate very soon. I got to know this news on this Monday. During that time Camie said that she is not confirming yet. Today I woke up and realized that the girl was already move part of her stuffs to here. I get shocked. I not really know her so many things. I just know her little things from Camie. She is advance student in SOT. She has a boyfriend. That’s all!

New monitor

Don’t misunderstand that I showing off, ok? Hehe….

One day before I went back to hometown, my dad gave me a call. He asked me back to Ipoh get a new LCD monitors for him. As my hometown’s CRT monitors spoiled long time ago. I suggest that I gave my current 15” LCD monitors to him, and then paid me money for buying a new one. Finally deal with my dad successfully. Hehe... Maybe he is looking for basic use only. So he doesn’t mind to use “second hand”.

Thus, I take this chance to buy a bigger size of LCD monitors. From the beginning I was considering 17” or 19”. Afterward I make a call to my friend, who pro in computer hardware. His suggestion is buying 20” or 22”. Although the 17” and 19” LCD monitors are cheap and worth to buy it now. But 20” or 22” is become popular no longer, said by him.

I did the research on internet such as dell. Dell was doing promotion on 22” LCD at the end of September. They offered RM859 for it. Woah, it’s cheap enough. I really got an excited feeling to get it immediately. My friend said it is not bad, but he still preferred Samsung. Then I went to Lowyat Plaza look for the Samsung brand monitor. Samsung LCD monitor really did a good job in term of color, sharpness and contrast. But Samsung brand LCD expensive than other brand. I am being hesitated between Dell 22” and Samsung 20” during that time.

In order to get a sharp image quality, I choose Samsung 20” at last. As the resolution for these two monitors are same. Which mean the smaller size of the monitor the sharper of the image quality can be presented. Wide screen monitor really good for working on Photoshop. It provided larger spaces for the workplace. :D

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cameron Highland

I have long time didn’t update the blog. Went back to hometown for 10 days, there are no high speed internet connection, no drama and no msn chatting. It’s really having a boring lifestyle at there. All the way stay at home just sleep, eat, and sit here and there.

23-9-2007, Sunday got an idea went to Cameron highland. I spent 1 hour something to reach there. Last been there was during the trip with Joshua, Camie and Yik Ming on February 2006. The purpose of going there because of its cool whether and enjoy the tea (my mum and dad always been there just enjoy the tea =.=). Yes, the tea is great. I ordered the drink was strawberry tea. It is no different with the normal tea we had seen. In term of the color and the tea pack. When you taste it you will like it so much. It is full of strawberry smell. The drink has a delicate sweet. There are quite lot of flavor such as apple, blueberry, rose, etc. It is relaxing while you have the tea with the cool wind.

After the tea time, of cause went to look for the flower and vegetable. All the plants arranged very nicely. Sometime you even smell a strong fertilizer foul smell which is made from chicken feces.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ampang yong tau fu

Well, Tuesday just finished the exam and then we were gone to eat “yong tau fu”. Actually the idea was come from me. Before that I saw Poh Yee’s msn displaying the “yong tau fu” picture, and then I asked her is that nice or not. She said yes. Then I was like so desperate to eat it (long time didn’t eat mah). So Poh Yee guide us to there. The location is very far where is at Pekan Ampang if no mistake. There were lots of people eating at there. And we ordered the food as above.
1. goreng sui gao, goreng chong guen and yao za kuai
2. yong tau fu
3. paper wrap chicken
4. asam laksa ikan kampung
5. chicken leg
6. sui gao

Woah, just four people ate so many dishes. But we still can finish it because we didn’t eat breakfast before the examination started. The comment of the food is not bad. The one I most like to eat is sui gao. The paper wraps chicken not that nice. Maybe the KL tastes different with my hometown one. Overall the bill is total around 56 bucks. So it is ok to me. After having the lunch, Poh Yee actually want to went back home. Unfortunately, we took her to Time Square watch movie. Hehe….so bad.

We watched Black Sheep. The movie was not that nice. From the beginning, it was quite ok one. But the following part a bit out of logical. But it couldn’t say out of logical lah….haiz…..don’t know how to explain it. Whatever, the movie is not highly recommended.

The second excited thing was our website launched formally. The website is work together with Yee Leng and Kelvin. The aim of the website is provided the services on photography and web design. I’m responsibility for the web design. Yee Leng and Kelvin focus on the photography. The website was actually prepared at 6 months before. Anyway, for more information please visit (like promoting…haha)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Exam + Concert

Yesterday just finished up the exam paper. Section A quite easy because the tips is given by the lecturer (exactly the same things). For the section B, we need to draw some sketches. Referred back to the past year questions paper, I already knows the sketches title. But I didn’t prepare for that. So during the exam, I simply draw it (very fu hin). Another thing is the sketches required you to draw it via black ink ballpoint pen or any black waterproof pen. Fine, I was following the instructions. But due to my fuhin-ness, I was wondering the one who marking my paper whether can figure out what I drawing or not.

Well, after the exam then g-mug and I rushed to the National Stadium Bukit Jalil for watching Jacky Cheung’s concert. As you know the paper ended up at 5.30pm, so all the roads were traffic jam. We spent around two and half an hour only arrive the destination. That means 8.30pm which is the concert starting time as well. Of course our feeling is very excited and panic. From the beginning, we couldn’t found the entrance for our seating number. Luckily the staffs are helpful. Thus, we were success to get our seat very soon.

Once we settle down, the concert gets start. At this moment, our body felt super hot. We even used the exam paper as the fan to cold down the body. Beside of me the girl saw that, and then she got extra big-palm looks promotion paper given by Maxis and passed us two of it. Woah, she is kind enough. We look around of us, we realized that we are considered as the youngest one except those children brought along by their parents. Another funny thing is in front of me got an auntie who is big fan of Jacky’s Cheung. She kept on shaking her colorful light stick for the whole night. Yes, we couldn’t say that that is wrong. Why I said funny is because around of us everyone were sitting there watch the concert quietly. All the way only that auntie was hyper.

Overall the concert performed very well even the firework also outstanding than the other singer’s concert. His life singing skill still remains the high quality and can be said that its already achieved to disc quality. This is the main reason why everybody was come to watch his concert. The stage design and the lighting make the whole concert more attractive. It’s really good in visual and hearing. The concert majority focus on Cantonese song and of cause available the Mandarin song as well. Jacky’s Cheung presented a short music drama during the concert. It is combining with “swuit long wu “and “ru guo ai“(ru guo ai is Yee Leng favorite).

Unfortunately, I didn’t take down any picture. As the weakness of my N73 is night shooting. Even I capture it also come out a bad quality of picture. Before that g-mug planned to bring DSLR. But as you know the concert not allows you to bring the camera, so we didn’t bring it. The one which surprise us was actually everyone also brought their own digital camera into the concert. We even saw some of them brought their DSLR. Oh my god. G-mug was regrets to do that. Conclusion, RM198 ticket is worth! After enjoying the concert, is the time to prepare the next/last exam paper.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The coming Friday is my deadline. Cause that day is my first exam paper. Honestly, until this moment I haven’t read a single word. My notes are already printed out. Just I didn’t have mood to read it and memorize it. I most worried about the first paper, Advertising Design I. Because the lecturer damn sucks. I really didn’t know what he teaching in the class. He likes to do whatever he wants. He never follows the course syllabus. He likes to make joke. But I can’t felt the funny at all. I getting hate him. Well, lot of complaint on him. Next semester I am going to meet him again. =.=

The other happy matter happens at the same day which is Jacky Cheung’s concert. I was waiting for that since many years ago. I am a big fan of his song. That’s why I bought RM198 seat (although it is not the most expensive seat). It’s considered as a big support right. Hehehe….. I think the majority of fans will be attended are middle-aged and old-aged. I was surprising that all the prices of seat are sold out except the RM198. I hope to enjoy his concert soon.

Friday, August 31, 2007


Today is last day of August. Today is Malaysia 50th Independence Day. Today I am alone at home. Today I felt super boring and emptiness.

30-8-2007 Merdeka eve programs
5.50am: I woke up and get ready to fetch Yee Leng.
6.45am: Started from Sentul went to PJ Utar.
8.00am: Drawing presentation.
10.00am: Finished the presentation and went to study room settle

another assignment. Because later have to submit it.
12.30pm: Having the lunch at SS2 Wong Kok with some of my course

2.00pm: Arrived Mid Valley and took a look the home deco exhibition.
3.00pm: Tasting different kind of moon cake at moon cake stall with

Kelvin’s brother. :D
5.00pm: Arrived Bandar Sunway and lepak at second hand shop while

waiting the steamboat shop open.
5.30pm: Started to eat steamboat + chitchat + ss at there.
8.00pm: Finished our steamboat and time to back home.
9.30pm: Reached home. (Thanks to Hon Mun guide me back Wangsa

Maju). I was tired like hell.
10.00pm: Did my favorite thing, watch drama. :D
12.00am: I heard lot of firework around my housing area.
1.00am: Sleep!

Although we were not going to countdown and watch firework at certain places, but we still enjoyed the whole journey.

* Coming the sunday plan to watch firework at Putrajaya…:P*

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Final piece


It looks scary, right? Hehe….. I am continuing with my portrait. As Lx Mxx Wxx said drawing consume lot of energy. It’s true. That’s the reason I had my supper at midnight 2 o’clock. It is just a short post. Not much things to write. :D

Monday, August 20, 2007

Piece of artwork

I started draw this piece of drawing at Friday night. I fully use charcoal. I get suffer during fill up the tone on the illustration board. I am not able to handle the charcoal very well. Only the facial part I make it for one night. The hair only spent me half of the day. My back bone felt painful for sitting there for a whole day. Really, I put the sufficient effort on that. What about I get a low mark for it? Don’t worry, I will kill Lx Mxx Wxx. Hahaha…. Let’s look at the incomplete work.

I know my piece still not achieve the high level skill yet.


Remain the background not finish yet and it will be complete soon. I will update the final piece later.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Time passes fast

Well, so fast step into middle of August. There are remaining around three to four weeks and going to end my first semester. Afterward, I have three months of semester break as well. So it’s the time to get a job. Actually I aiming the Photoshop artist which is doing the photo touch up. But I found that it is hard to get such kind of position. Either their requirements are too high or none of this position shown in the job search website. Anyway, I still keep going on to search it. At the same time, position of graphic cum web design is not bad too. The requirements are fine to me. I’m not expecting a high payment as I lack of working experiences. What I want is try to learn something new out of my school life.

In the other side, suddenly so desperate to own a digital SLR. Haha…. Don’t forget that the notebook is waiting for me. How am I going to own both things at the same time? The digital SLR actually uses it for my coming semester subject which is digital photography. Before that I planned to share it with someone else. As you know it is an expensive stuff. Later on I was thinking that since it is capture in digital form, if I own it still can keep it for my personal use, right?

Nikon D40x

Yes. I prefer Nikon. Maybe its sharpness of the image grabs my attention. I’m not sure the price yet. According to Malaysia’s Nikon official website, they list out as RM2, 988.00. They reported as it is Nikon’s smallest digital SLR. I had some research about this model in some of the forums. They comment this model everything is good but it lack of autofocus motor in the camera body. I don’t know how important the thing is. I need to know about that if anyone expert in this field.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Broke again!

As my previous post mentioned that there is no more financial problem on this month. Now, I’m broke again. Few days ago I call back and request for the living expense from my mum. She told me the problem not settles yet. But she still paid me 500 bucks. It sounds quite a lot, right? Honestly, it is not enough. Below is the calculation:

Rental: RM250
Bills: RM50
Transport: RM80
Total: RM380

See? Conclusion is remaining 120 bucks after deducting all the costs above. Try and think of 120 bucks how to spend it within one month. It means my consumption of everyday cannot over 4 bucks. Oh my god.

Yesterday I was walking around in Jaya Jusco’s food department almost two hours. What for I stay at there so long? I was like those stingy housewives who looking for the most cheap and worth goods ( cantonese called: peng, leng, zeng). I have no choice to do that.

I bought two packs of Cintan mee without any flavoring. Here offer me 8 meals. It is most cheap and branded mee. It cost me RM3.25.

It is black pepper source and use to replace the dark soya sauce. As the dark soya sauce cost 3 to 4 bucks something. I never try to mix the mee with black pepper sourse before. Ohya, it is only 2.90.

Unknown branded of chicken burger. The reason that I choosing it, CHEAP! Normally it is around 5 to 6 bucks. Now this one cost me 3 bucks something.

It is called “ yao muk”. Although it is 70 sen but I planned to divide it into 3 meals.

My favorite drink. It is the cheapest as well for 1 liter pack.

All the goods here total is RM14 and allow me to have 8 meals. Each meal is RM1.75. Now does u agree that I was like the stingy housewife? Fine, I don’t mind what your comments are. Finally, I hope Ah Sir read through my post. Wish that he understand my circumstances and not forcing me to buy the Bofa Set. /cry

Oh yea, this week I going to celebrate Yik Ming’s birthday too. /faint…. Help~ anyone can send me to the jail? Only jail will offer the free meal and accommodation.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


One year ago I took AirAsia from KLIA to Sarawak. Yesterday, I had been KLIA again. I went to airport see my sister off. Her company sent her to oversea as the training. The duration would be two months or maybe more than that. For the first three weeks she would be at Belgium. After that would be stay at Holland until end of the training. My sister is expected to go oversea since long time ago. And always due to the certain reasons she failed to do that. Yes, now her dream comes true.

I’m admired that she had an opportunity went out to Europe country. When is my turn? Haha…. Good news is that I can take her car. But then I’m going to use it start from next month. I know everyone curious that why I don’t take it as early as possible. “Got car woh, of cause faster go and take it then go to lepak”. =.=" I hope to get it immediately as well. But this month I was broke. My parents are not afforded to pay me living expenses because of the financial problems. So I have to use my own savings.
Sign….luckily that for this month only. :)

Monday, July 09, 2007


I had done one of the assignments. It spent me one and half days to complete. It is really took your patient and sat down at there for a whole day did the cross hatching. Well, I’m not going to write so much at here. Below are the proceeding of my drawing.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

July: Busy like hell!!!

Yes. This month is really busy, busy and busy. Next thursday I going to hang up one assignment plus a mid term. Then friday have to submit one assignment as well. Continue, saturday submit one assignment too. SHIT!!!!!!!! How could it be done within one week? For those who came from Form 6 worse than us. Totally they got five subjects to go. We got three subjects already suffer like that. I can't imagine how they settle all their works on time.

After my observation, I realized that they are really working hard to their works. I remember one of my previous housemate said that college and university simple a lot if compared to Form 6. The amount of the works is more than now two times. So I guess the current works are sup sup sui to them.

I was thinking that is it we are lazy? Or we still stay back on the diploma life? During our diploma, all the assignments would be submitted by the end of the semester. Thus, there are around 14 weeks to prepare everything. But now the situation is slightly different. All the duration of the works are within two to four weeks only. Too short! Well, there is no point to keep on complaining at here. All the works still need to go on. The things you need to do are try your best to finish up all. And one more, the works must be in quality as we are diploma students. Stress you know.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I received my final semester result. I was definitely not satisfied with it. I had put the sufficient effort on that assignment. But in the end, the one who just combined the proposal able to get A for that subject. What about me? I only got B. Below was the conversation between my mum and me.

Mum: next time don't be silly...pass all the works to your group
members. Then you will get A.
Me : you want your son fail in that subject,right?
Mum: if not what to do? Next time got the same situation don't
come and complain complain to me...

I know there might be some other reasons that I couldn't get A. The whole project divided to two parts. Firstly, the analysis report and presentation would be counted as individual work. The other part was the team work. So is it I lost the marks from the individual work? Perhaps.
Well, the grade doesn't represented everything. I understand that next time your boss will focus on your skills rather than the grade. You had the good result it doesn't mean you had the good skills. So I hope that I can balance both of it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New school life

Tomorrow I'm going to start my first class at utar. Actually the classes started on 28 of May. Due to my late submission of application form, so I couldn't get the offer letter on time. Anyway, first week only got lecturer class. So it doesn't matter, right? Hehe...utar (pj campus) really lack of the university feel. All the students like going to factory everyday and breathing the ''fresh'' air, enjoy the ''good'' environment as well. Sigh....somemore I got two and half years to go. Then gambathe lah....-_-

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Taman Tasik Perdana

Omg, I sleepless again! Anyone can help me? Sigh, long time didn't updated my blog as I was lazy. Well, now I roughly posted somethings at here.:D

Last wednesday I went to butterfly park, orchid park and hibiscus park with yee leng and kelvin. Why suddenly went to those places? Because I never been there before and felt like want to go out lepak-lepak. Hehehe......Another reason was that yee leng and kelvin need to snap some photos. After we met up each other then we took ''bus number 11'' to our destination. We had a breakfast at Jalan Tangling which is nearby Lake Gardens (if no mistake).

Nasi lemak! I personally comment that it was not that nice. Just ok ok. Although it was introduced by the local food blog. G-mug kelvin ordered the beef and he said it was nice. But in the end he didn't finished it. Is that called nice??? Haha...Afterwards, we were arrived to butterfly park. It cost RM5 for the entrance fee. Due to my phone's camera limitation, I couldn't get the nice shot of butterfly. Thus, no photos attachment for this section.Hehe....Oh ya, I found out my favorite animal. It is rabbit. Omg, cute enough.

Cute! Cute! Cute! I know you're thinking that I was crazy to the rabbits. Haha..

This ''green rabbit'' shot by yee leng's digital slr. Opps....later I kena slap as I pijak her slr.Hehe...

Next station, orchid park. Beside the orchid there are nothing special for us. As we're not a big fan of orchid and did not know how to appreciate it.

I like this photo so much.

Last station, hibiscus park. It was same with orchid park as there are nothing to see. So, I'm not going to write anythings about that. Just attached the photos.