Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New school life

Tomorrow I'm going to start my first class at utar. Actually the classes started on 28 of May. Due to my late submission of application form, so I couldn't get the offer letter on time. Anyway, first week only got lecturer class. So it doesn't matter, right? Hehe...utar (pj campus) really lack of the university feel. All the students like going to factory everyday and breathing the ''fresh'' air, enjoy the ''good'' environment as well. Sigh....somemore I got two and half years to go. Then gambathe lah....-_-

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Taman Tasik Perdana

Omg, I sleepless again! Anyone can help me? Sigh, long time didn't updated my blog as I was lazy. Well, now I roughly posted somethings at here.:D

Last wednesday I went to butterfly park, orchid park and hibiscus park with yee leng and kelvin. Why suddenly went to those places? Because I never been there before and felt like want to go out lepak-lepak. Hehehe......Another reason was that yee leng and kelvin need to snap some photos. After we met up each other then we took ''bus number 11'' to our destination. We had a breakfast at Jalan Tangling which is nearby Lake Gardens (if no mistake).

Nasi lemak! I personally comment that it was not that nice. Just ok ok. Although it was introduced by the local food blog. G-mug kelvin ordered the beef and he said it was nice. But in the end he didn't finished it. Is that called nice??? Haha...Afterwards, we were arrived to butterfly park. It cost RM5 for the entrance fee. Due to my phone's camera limitation, I couldn't get the nice shot of butterfly. Thus, no photos attachment for this section.Hehe....Oh ya, I found out my favorite animal. It is rabbit. Omg, cute enough.

Cute! Cute! Cute! I know you're thinking that I was crazy to the rabbits. Haha..

This ''green rabbit'' shot by yee leng's digital slr. Opps....later I kena slap as I pijak her slr.Hehe...

Next station, orchid park. Beside the orchid there are nothing special for us. As we're not a big fan of orchid and did not know how to appreciate it.

I like this photo so much.

Last station, hibiscus park. It was same with orchid park as there are nothing to see. So, I'm not going to write anythings about that. Just attached the photos.

Monday, May 14, 2007

First try

First time cook the porridge......not bad,right? Actually damn free recently. Today i slept until 4.00pm as I sleepless last nite. T_T.....Don't know what's going on. Stressful? I don't think so. Anyway, after i woke up then make a call to my mum and asked her how to cook the porridge. She told me step by step and then I went to buy the ingredients. Such as rice, salt, chicken breast, light soy sauce,etc. I know someone might think that cooking the porridge is an easy job. But for me it was a good try. Well, the taste not bad. Look at the pictures....:)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

One of my target

That day I went to Low Yat did some research for my laptop. Finally, I saw the actual model of my dream laptop. It is nice design. Really hope to own it as soon as possible. It costs RM3999. As I know this model is running Window Vista Home Premium and I will install some Adobe and Macromedia software. Build in 1GB of ram surely unable to run smoothly. So I planned to upgrade to 2GB of ram and it costs RM400. Oh my god. Let's say I trade in the 1GB of ram. But it is damn cheap. It worth RM60 ONLY. The sales man not encourage me to do so.

Well, I'm still collecting the money and I will try my best to get more freelance projects. I wish to own my first laptop by the end of this year. Hehehe.....


Woah....finally I open a blog. Why? Why? Why? Because someone keep on calling me open a blog since long time ago. Actually I ever had a friendster. Unfortunately, I deleted the account two years ago. Because I was lazy to care it and update it frequently. What about my blog? How long it can be survive? I don't know. :D