Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 1 @ Macau - Fountain & McDonald

Alright, this is the last part for day one at Macau.

I realized that first day we went quite lot of places when I reviewed back the photos. Perhaps all these places were near to each other, so we managed to walk through within one night. Sometimes we already tired of walking but it was too early back to hostel and sleep. That’s why I had much more time to set up tripod and snap night view. Keke...

Wynn Hotel. The fountain is in front of here. It will present every 15 minutes. Once it starts, many people sit beside of it and watch until the end.

This fellow was damn stupid. He saw I was shooting the fountain, but he insists to pass over in front of my camera. !@#$%^$%^%$##%^

For our dinner, we actually never planned to eat McDonald. Thanks to all the restaurants were full of people and need to take some time to get our seat. Therefore, I got chance to try pork burger in McDonald. Kekeke....Malaysia never has pork in any fast food restaurant. Try not to expect it will appear right here forever. I know you are encouraged to try their local food instead of fast food when you been to other country. But this moment, that was considered a must try for us.

Mala grilled pork burger. Tak pedas langsung....

My left hand holding this burger, then right hand use camera snaps this important moment. Hahaha....Actually this picture make me think of lizard. Lol....


The next day we are going to Zhuhai, China for one day trip.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Day 1 @ Macau - Grand Lisboa Hotel

During the night time, Macau will turns into a very beautiful city. All of their building decorated with fancy lighting. I was curious that how they did it and how the programmers set everything nicely. Yes, I think too much. Lol...

There’s an area allow you to let off the firework legally. You can watch the firework throughout the night. That’s make you feel the Chinese New Year atmosphere. By the way, I love Macau night view very much. It will kill you lot of storage to snap through all of the buildings.

Lisboa Hotel

Below are the series of Grand Lisboa Hotel photos. Grand Lisboa Hotel is totally a new version of Lisboa Hotel. It features with a tall lotus shaped which is designed by the Feng Shui Master. Unfortunately, I don’t have chance to go in have a glance. If not mistaken inside has very grand design.

Grand Lisboa Hotel

The next post is talking about the fountain in front of Wynn Hotel and I going to eat Mala grilled pork burger at McDonald.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 1 @ Macau - St. Dominic's Church

Sorry, I was busying with my assignments lately. Let’s come back to Macau post.

After having the tea time, we continued walked toward Senado Square. I found out a church called St. Dominic’s Church (玫瑰堂). Erm, this was my first time stepped into the church. Haha

St. Dominic’s Church (玫瑰堂)

Before going there, I got this shot which my mum and my bro were busy looking at the map.

This was the interior of the church. It has been developed into HDR. I remember many people looking at me when I taking this shot with my tripod. I noticed even few of the DSLR gang from other country was like “Is that necessary get this shot with the tripod?” Yes, it is necessary because there’s very dark.

The church will be closed at 6pm something then the light will turn on later.

One more shot from lower angle.Hehe....

The street was damn crowded.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Day 1 @ Macau - Senado Square

Date: 28/1/2009 – 31/1/2009
Duration: 4 days 3 nights
Travel agency: No, this was backpacking trip
Passengers: Whole family, 6 people
Airline: MAS, economy seat
Accommodation: Augusters Lodge
Weather: Winter, 10° - 19°
Total traveling expenses: Approx. RM1600/person

Third day of CNY (Lin Chor Saam), we separated all luggage into two cars and then headed off from Ipoh to KLIA at 4am. All of us were sleepy and it took lots of concentrate when driving along the highway. But I couldn’t sleep at all because I was excited with it, ok? Haha....

Our flight departure time was 11am, so we were there around 9.30am and finished check-in procedure. Then we had the rough breakfast at airport since we still have time. Commonly, their foods were expensive. Like I ordered a cup of hot chocolate (exactly was Milo) it costs 10 bucks. The drink was watery. Fine, I better wait for my formal breakfast in aeroplane afterward.

I understood that cheap flight fare with narrow space of seat was definitely making your knee suffered. Therefore, I don’t want complaint about it but I preferred Qatar Airline as it much comfortable than MAS. Haha...

Talking about our flight meal, it doesn’t have any surprise. So just forget it. The journey from KLIA to Macau international airport was 3 hours and 45 minutes.

As I mentioned above, this was backpacking trip. All the things were planned by my sister and me. My sister would be in charge of flight and hostel booking. My responsibility was planning the itinerary and bus route. Backpacking trip was new to us but everything still running smooth.

When you checking out the Macau map, you would thought that Macau was quite a big place. It seems that very far distance from one place to another place by looking at the map. Actually there’s a small land. You could reach some of the sightseeing easily by walking.

We checked out from airport then went out took bus (AP1) to Macau-HK Ferry Terminal. Bus fare was MOP 3.30/ person. Luggage would extra charge. Afterward, we took shutter bus to Grand Lisboa Hotel. For your information, you could take all the shutter bus for free which provided by the hotel even you’re not their resident. This was the tips for going some other places without paying money.

We arrived Grand Lisboa Hotel and then followed the map that given by Augusters Lodge to check-in our room. From Grand Lisboa Hotel to Augusters Lodge was only 10-15 minutes. If you’re interested to see how the hostel interior looks like please click here.

Senado Square. Along here you can feel the CNY atmosphere.

Senado Square has many shops and restaurants. Here's considered the crowded place. Damn sad that I forgot to snap the night view of this street.

The weather was 14° if not mistaken. So everyone was wearing winter dress.

Wong Ji Gei restaurant. We found it at Senado Square. This restaurant was recommended by many people and magazine. That’s why lot of people waiting for the seat. This wasn’t our dinner; it’s just our food exploration. Hehe..

Once you sit down, they will serve you a cup of tea. For the Macau and Hong Kong version, this isn’t for you to drink. In fact, this is used for cleaning your meal set. So don’t think that is free drink.

We ordered Wan Tan Mee. I don’t like the mee because it was dry and hard. I prefer Malaysia one. The Wan Tan was contains of fresh prawn. It was quite nice.

This was the soup one.

We ordered Tank Zai Joke (艇仔粥, porridge). It tastes ok.

Last food we ordered was Pork Chop Bread (猪扒包). I quite like it.

Overall their food was ok ok only. I don’t know why all the magazine and internet said this was highly recommended restaurant in Macau.