Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ampang yong tau fu

Well, Tuesday just finished the exam and then we were gone to eat “yong tau fu”. Actually the idea was come from me. Before that I saw Poh Yee’s msn displaying the “yong tau fu” picture, and then I asked her is that nice or not. She said yes. Then I was like so desperate to eat it (long time didn’t eat mah). So Poh Yee guide us to there. The location is very far where is at Pekan Ampang if no mistake. There were lots of people eating at there. And we ordered the food as above.
1. goreng sui gao, goreng chong guen and yao za kuai
2. yong tau fu
3. paper wrap chicken
4. asam laksa ikan kampung
5. chicken leg
6. sui gao

Woah, just four people ate so many dishes. But we still can finish it because we didn’t eat breakfast before the examination started. The comment of the food is not bad. The one I most like to eat is sui gao. The paper wraps chicken not that nice. Maybe the KL tastes different with my hometown one. Overall the bill is total around 56 bucks. So it is ok to me. After having the lunch, Poh Yee actually want to went back home. Unfortunately, we took her to Time Square watch movie. Hehe….so bad.

We watched Black Sheep. The movie was not that nice. From the beginning, it was quite ok one. But the following part a bit out of logical. But it couldn’t say out of logical lah….haiz…..don’t know how to explain it. Whatever, the movie is not highly recommended.

The second excited thing was our website launched formally. The website is work together with Yee Leng and Kelvin. The aim of the website is provided the services on photography and web design. I’m responsibility for the web design. Yee Leng and Kelvin focus on the photography. The website was actually prepared at 6 months before. Anyway, for more information please visit (like promoting…haha)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Exam + Concert

Yesterday just finished up the exam paper. Section A quite easy because the tips is given by the lecturer (exactly the same things). For the section B, we need to draw some sketches. Referred back to the past year questions paper, I already knows the sketches title. But I didn’t prepare for that. So during the exam, I simply draw it (very fu hin). Another thing is the sketches required you to draw it via black ink ballpoint pen or any black waterproof pen. Fine, I was following the instructions. But due to my fuhin-ness, I was wondering the one who marking my paper whether can figure out what I drawing or not.

Well, after the exam then g-mug and I rushed to the National Stadium Bukit Jalil for watching Jacky Cheung’s concert. As you know the paper ended up at 5.30pm, so all the roads were traffic jam. We spent around two and half an hour only arrive the destination. That means 8.30pm which is the concert starting time as well. Of course our feeling is very excited and panic. From the beginning, we couldn’t found the entrance for our seating number. Luckily the staffs are helpful. Thus, we were success to get our seat very soon.

Once we settle down, the concert gets start. At this moment, our body felt super hot. We even used the exam paper as the fan to cold down the body. Beside of me the girl saw that, and then she got extra big-palm looks promotion paper given by Maxis and passed us two of it. Woah, she is kind enough. We look around of us, we realized that we are considered as the youngest one except those children brought along by their parents. Another funny thing is in front of me got an auntie who is big fan of Jacky’s Cheung. She kept on shaking her colorful light stick for the whole night. Yes, we couldn’t say that that is wrong. Why I said funny is because around of us everyone were sitting there watch the concert quietly. All the way only that auntie was hyper.

Overall the concert performed very well even the firework also outstanding than the other singer’s concert. His life singing skill still remains the high quality and can be said that its already achieved to disc quality. This is the main reason why everybody was come to watch his concert. The stage design and the lighting make the whole concert more attractive. It’s really good in visual and hearing. The concert majority focus on Cantonese song and of cause available the Mandarin song as well. Jacky’s Cheung presented a short music drama during the concert. It is combining with “swuit long wu “and “ru guo ai“(ru guo ai is Yee Leng favorite).

Unfortunately, I didn’t take down any picture. As the weakness of my N73 is night shooting. Even I capture it also come out a bad quality of picture. Before that g-mug planned to bring DSLR. But as you know the concert not allows you to bring the camera, so we didn’t bring it. The one which surprise us was actually everyone also brought their own digital camera into the concert. We even saw some of them brought their DSLR. Oh my god. G-mug was regrets to do that. Conclusion, RM198 ticket is worth! After enjoying the concert, is the time to prepare the next/last exam paper.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The coming Friday is my deadline. Cause that day is my first exam paper. Honestly, until this moment I haven’t read a single word. My notes are already printed out. Just I didn’t have mood to read it and memorize it. I most worried about the first paper, Advertising Design I. Because the lecturer damn sucks. I really didn’t know what he teaching in the class. He likes to do whatever he wants. He never follows the course syllabus. He likes to make joke. But I can’t felt the funny at all. I getting hate him. Well, lot of complaint on him. Next semester I am going to meet him again. =.=

The other happy matter happens at the same day which is Jacky Cheung’s concert. I was waiting for that since many years ago. I am a big fan of his song. That’s why I bought RM198 seat (although it is not the most expensive seat). It’s considered as a big support right. Hehehe….. I think the majority of fans will be attended are middle-aged and old-aged. I was surprising that all the prices of seat are sold out except the RM198. I hope to enjoy his concert soon.