Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Broga Hill @ Semenyih I

For many would ask how to go this place, you may refer to this map. Perhaps it helps you a lot.

Few months ago I saw a blogger been there and I get surprise that Malaysia has such beautiful hill. Afterward, Kun had blog about this as well. So I just simply shared these to my sister. I never expect I’ll be able have a visit to there, but now it comes true. Kekeke....

The entrance of Broga hill is an unnoticeable oil palm estate. Therefore, the opposite of Rabbit Fun Land is the entrance of it.

We arrived there at 6am where the sky was dark yet. Luckily, few of them had prepared the torch light. I have weak eyesight, so all the way I “mang zhong zhong” went up to the peak. I quite often stop down and rest a minute as I don’t have exercise since many years ago. haha...

Too cloudy, so cannot see “ham dan wong”....

Majority of them owns a DSLR and comes toward shoot sunrise.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wonderful Sunday

This morning I’d visit Broga Hill at Semenyih, where a favorite place for most of the photographer and those who enjoy climbing.

For the people are not active in sporting, like me (old man) kinda suffer when you get to the top. But it is worth when you see such nice scenery at hill top.

More photos and details will be on coming post.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

C for Color

This coming Chinese New Year is damn quiet, except certain shopping mall slightly did some relevant decoration and playing cny songs. Other than that is really hard to feel that kind of atmosphere.

Yup, where is my semester loan? I need you a lot.

Are you getting bored of looking the blue sky? Here come with some photos which did some color adjustment in RAW file.

Friday, January 09, 2009

PC Fair 2008 II

It’s kinda hard to do shooting on the last day of PC Fair because there was more crowded than two days ago. When you took your camera and ready to press shutter, those people either stop at there look at you or just ignore you and pass through in front of your camera.

I went to shoot Eva again. Haha... As Cmei yesterday said that I can request Eva take care of me when I go into lou yan yuen. Think back of it sounds funny also. lol..

Sunday, January 04, 2009

PC Fair 2008 I

It’s my turn to blog the pc fair 2008. haha…

Although worldwide facing the economy crisis, but it couldn’t stop the people crowd into pc fair grabs the cheap goods. For me, I went inside “grab” the chicks. :D

Anyway, this post purely shares the photos only.

Eva! You guys should know her very well. Among of them, she is most pretty for me. Hehe....

One of the Toshiba girl....

Babi mun said she looks like one of the DML girl who had big changes in terms of her dressing and make-up. Are you agree?

More photos in the second round....

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Keep away from the lorry!

Last week my mum met an accident when was fetching the workers back home. The fucking lorry driver insists to overtake the cars in front of him even he saw my mum was coming toward from front. My mum didn’t even have time to horn him, then the lorry already bang over to her. Luckily that my mum slightly gets out of the way, otherwise my mum would not be here. Unfortunately, right side of the car has been crashed. Two mirrors were smashed and its broken pieces fall on my mum. The workers sat behind the car were blank and they keep scolding the lorry driver.

The lorry driver was Indian guy. After the accident, he was hidden himself somewhere. My mum suspected that he took alcohol. My dad actually knows that Indian driver because he always sends the goods to factory. My dad gave a call to his boss and tried to get his little information. Afterward, my mum did report to polis as well in order to claim the insurance.

Thanks god that nobody gets injured in this accident, the car’s body is hard enough to protect the passengers. If this is Proton car, can’t imagine how serious of destructive the car would be. So please be careful of the lorry. You as the passenger should remind the driver as well.

For the Christmas Eve photos, I haven’t converted it to jpeg. Be patient, once I done it I’ll send to you all. Hehe...

Oh ya...still sempat to say happy new year to everyone. :D