Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007

Today is last day of 2007. What is your feeling now? My feeling is not that happy as the long semester holiday going to end very soon. Yes, I never miss the UTAR life. There is only a word that always appeared in my mind, horrible. Well, well, well, I shouldn’t talk something that makes me unhappy right now.

Back to 26-12-2007, it was Camie’s birthday. There are total 10 peoples involved in this celebration included Camie of cause. It was a simple celebration. We make it at home and side order the pizza and KFC. I prepared the curry fish balls too (Christmas Eve’s BBQ remained banyak fish ball tau! So I take this chance to clear it. Hehehe…). Before that I was planning to upload the recorded video of Joshua kissing Camie. Unfortunately, both of them not allowed me to do that. Anyway, I respect them.

As usual picking up the candle with the mouth.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Missed out

I missed out this in the previous post. Today is my dad’s birthday as well. I wish him happy birthday.

26 December 2007, after Christmas....

I couldn’t sleep right now. Today around 10am arrive my home and went to sleep until just now, 11.00pm. After that I went to BRJ yum cha together with Joshua and Ah Mok. I ordered the nasi lemak ayam, roti canai cheese and cup of teh O panas. I was like two days didn’t eat any foods. Perhaps I had drank too much of beer last night. Actually not much, just four glass of it. (Mum, thanks for helping me drink the fourth glass). To be honest, I dislike drinking the wine and beer. I lose in such a simple game play. So this was the punishment. I’m not really felt of getting drunk, just my head felt heavy and my face heat up quickly. One more, I was hyper after having that. I keep on disturbing those who are try to sleep on the bed. Jahat~

So for the BBQ section, I’m not going to post it at here due to the photos not with me right now. Maybe you can look out for the YeeLeng’s blog later. Lastly, thanks for the Christmas present.

Happy birthday to Camie. Wish you all the best in the following years. :D

Friday, December 21, 2007

Two days to go.........Christmas eve

Hehe, almost end of the December only update my blog. There are actually quite lots of things to get ready update in here. As usual, two words to say: “Lazy loh!”

The Christmas is coming very soon. I don’t know it should be happy or sad. I haven’t buy the Christmas present and don’t even know what should I buy. BBQ will be the main celebration for this Christmas. No countdown or any crazy spray activity on this year.

That’s all for this post. Hehe, I know it is very fu hin. At least won’t to be 0 post end up by this month.