Saturday, February 28, 2009

Little updates

This part is special for her. Please refer to the link.

I don’t want this funny term (sei lou yeh) to be my nickname forever. So that was the way to cover your face. Hope you satisfy with it. Hahahaha.....


Finally the Macau trip can post at here very soon.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tenji japanese buffet III

This is last part for the buffet dinner and I’m lazy to describe it already. just enjoy the photos.

We took lot of mini cake. So I can’t remember which one tastes good. Haha...

This one tastes like five kernel filling moon cake. It reminds me of my grandfather’s favorite moon cake flavor.

These are the Haagen daz ice-cream. It doesn’t have must different with the normal ice-cream. I can’t figure out this is branded ice-cream without telling me. So is it Haagen daz’s packaging with Wall’s ice-cream?

The ice-cream starts melting. But we still continue snap picture of it. End up we “drink” the ice-cream.

It is chocolate fondue. It has honeydew and grapes.

Syok sendiri (ss) moment was come.....

We're ss in front of the mirror.

Hon mun ss with the flashgun....

Tenji main entrance. These three fellows thought I want to snap them. Haha...

Night view.

I purposely shake my camera and turns out this effect.

What about using slower shutter speed and shake it.. shake it.. shake it?

Ok, finished.....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tenji japanese buffet II

Phew....finally my hard disk was revival. Actually the problem wasn’t that hard to solve it, just I did many steps then only gets the right solution. Anyway, now it is running well. So just keep it as my experience. Next time should be easy to handle the same problem. Hehehe....

Go back to our buffet dinner. As what I predicted, their foods weren’t that nice because I heard there’s lot of negative comments from internet. Most of them were complaints about their service like very hard to call in for reservation or their foods only have little choices. For me, I called them once then got my seat booking successfully. But the foods were exactly not many choices. After two to three rounds, you’ll felt nothing to eat.

Well, stop writing until here. Let’s see our main course.

The oyster is as big as your palm. It tastes good and fresh.

Their sushi tastes bad. Just try out one or two pieces enough. I think Sushi King has better sushi than this.

Don’t care loh, start to eat. By the way, their dinner sets are quite dirty. :(

*Minor updates – I received some serious objection about showing her ugly face, so I straight forward help both of them decorated with mosaic in this photo. Sorry to say that you missed out the chance seeing the unprocessed image if you haven’t read this post yet. Haha... *

These are mini coconut drinks. We took more than 20 of it. Lol...

The sashimi was pretty good. That’s why I ate a lot.

I felt kinda weird that they served with Chinese New Year dish.

Dim sum. It was pretty saltish.

Highly recommended the smoked salmon roll.

No idea how the soft shell crab taste is.

This one was quite okay.

Fish and Chips. It was crispy.

That’s all for the main course. Next post will go through the dessert.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tenji japanese buffet I

Macau review have to postpone again as my desktop’s hard disk was officially damaged. Sad.... Now my last hope is relaying on the data recovery software. I wish it manage to get back my files. I don’t expect it can recovery back 100%, but at least 70 – 80%. Other than that, I need to spend some money to get a new hard disk. Sad again!

Back to last Monday, we (Kelvin, 20, Cmei, Hon Mun and Egg) went to Tenji have our dinner buffet. Omg, mmg rich. Haha.... Although they’re doing promotion which RM50 discount for every 2 diners, but end up it still costs each person RM71.80 (included 10% service charge). Yup, it doesn’t have time limit for your dinner. So you can eat as many as possible between 5.30 – 10.30pm.

We carried our camera into the food corner and started our shooting. Thanks to our big size of camera, it grabs lot of attention from others. lol...But the Tenji’s staffs didn’t stop us for doing that. Hehe...

Chinese food section

I spotted this fellow having the buffet. Oops, Tenji opens for free to them?

Friday, February 06, 2009

Broga Hill @ Semenyih III

Alright, here comes with some portrait which snapped at Broga Hill. Yea, my sister will be my model. It’s only casual posing as I’m not expert in shooting people. :D

This photo is taken by my sister.

Jonathan, my sister’s friend. He is Canon 40D user. He has wide lens, L lens, etc. Sorry, I don’t know him very well. Haha.....

Syok sendiri....haha....I view through this picture and noticed that I have a pair of serious black eye socket. lol...

Anjing yang kurang upaya. I found this dog at the peak. I was wondering how this dog climb up from the foot of the hill. He looks pity. Omg, this was my first time kesian the dog. Hahaha.....

Broga Hill is officially end. So the next will be up is about the Macau trip.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Broga Hill @ Semenyih II

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! I wish everyone all the best in 2009.

Thank you for the belated birthday celebration by this afternoon. Thanks to my classmates.

Broga Hill’s post has been interrupted for a week because I went back to Ipoh celebrates cny with my family. And as what Darren said, I went to Macau as well. Kekeke....Macau trip review maybe comes late as now I got to follow up all of my assignments.

The day I went to Broga Hill the weather is superb nice, blue sky without any clouds, plus greenly grasses. I definitely can imagine myself been to New Zealand. Haha....

Some photo is quite similar with each other because I’d try different composition. It’s kinda hard for me to choose. So I just upload right here. Hehhe....Ok lah, I stop writing it. Let’s enjoy the photos.

Below are three different lighting of the view which is from early morning until the sun had rise up entirely.