Saturday, January 26, 2008


Special thanks to my sister who treat me Japanese buffet as my birthday celebration. :P

Thursday, January 24, 2008

New gear

Woho……Finally I owned a DSLR, Nikon D80.

This is the full package of the camera. It is heavy like hell when I carrying from Utar to Wangsa Maju.

The package together with the Nikon’s camera bag.

D80 body.

Kit lens AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED

Body + kit lens

Body + kit lens + lens hood

USB cable & video cable

Earlier birthday celebration

Thanks a lot to all of you who celebrate my 21st birthday. It’s really surprised me. And this was the memorable birthday celebration I ever had. I will remember how you all treat me especially eating the cake. Wakakkaa…..

I don’t have any pictures yet. I waiting somebody send it to me. :D

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shop for CNY

I think I am considered early to purchase the clothes for Chinese New Year. I know quite lots of people still not buy it yet. By the way, just now I purchased three shirts only from Sunway Piramid. I’m going to buy a pant later on. Hehe....

Review back to yesterday’s programs. I went out to Pudu bus station met up with my mum and sister at 2pm. Then we had the breakfast (because all of us haven’t eat breakfast also) at Crystal Jade La Mian Restaurant which is located at Lot 10. The La Mian (Cantonese called Lai Mien) was good taste. We had ordered Siu Lung Bao as well. It was delicious too. After that went to Pavilion had a short walk.

Around 7pm, my friends came forward to fetch us to Genting Highland (during this period everywhere was traffic jam =.=”). The concert was started at 8pm. Thanks for my friend’s driving skill, we were arrived there punctuality. This was my first time watched the concert without looking at the big projector screen. As the spot is not really big, so the stage is much closer than the audience. Overall the performance was remained great.

Oh yea, I received the loan. It is only 7k++. :( It leaves 1k++ after deducting the school fees and camera. At the previous, I expected I will get two semester of payment. Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to get my camera. excited.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

New semester

This is first post of 2008. The university life is still going on. There are five subjects which is Digital Photography, Advertising Design II, Drawing II, Desktop Publishing I and Chinese Language for Communication I.

Digital photography
Finally I have the chance to purchase my first DSLR. Hehe…..It is an interesting subject. Hope to learn something new from Christopher.

Advertising design II
As usual, I hate the Choo Kam Thong since the first semester was starting. Anyway, I meet him during the lecturer class only and always remind myself that ignore what he saying. Hahaha….

Oh ya, I going to draw comie soon. I get ready to ask for help from Joshua. :D

Drawing II
2005 Creative thinking, Lecturer: Lo Ming Wei
2006 Critical thinking, Lecturer: Lo Ming Wei

2007 Drawing I, Lecturer: Lo Ming Wei
2008 Drawing II, Lecturer: Lo Ming Wei
2009* Creative Thinking and Idea Generation, Lecturer: Lo Ming Wei
*if no mistake she will be the lecturer for this subject again. OH MY GOD!

Is this our fate?

Desktop publishing I
It is about layout design on the magazine, flyer, and newsletter. I never touch this field before. Hopefully it is one of the interesting subjects too.

Chinese Language for Communication I
My highest qualification is SPM. I force to take the highest level of Chinese language. /cry

No doubt that some of the subjects really grabs my attention. For the subjects that I dislike, I still need to face it and solve it. This is called study.