Monday, October 29, 2007

Home made ice-kacang?

Collecting the ice...

Ice ball.....

Hehe... It was actually collect from the freezer. The ice was being amassed almost one inch of thickness. Camie and I used different kind of way to remove the ice with the tool kit and table spoon. We were take turns to remove it. Because it is really spent you quite much of energy and strength. While the moments we removing the ice, I felt that we were tend to demolish the fridge.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

J.CO Donuts & Coffee, Pavilion

There are crowded and long queue waiting for purchasing the donuts.

The bakers are processing the donuts.

Snap a photo before getting ready to taste the donuts.

It is half dozen and several of flavor. (The green color one is most bad taste. I think it is green tea flavor.)

Unknown title

Look at it! It is such a beautiful chocolate. Sister bought it from Switzerland.

There are varieties of chocolate.

These two stupid fellows were imagining themselves at wintertime while wearing the winter dress.

* Just now went to Pavilion. The post is coming up soon. *

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

New table fan

The previous table fan some problem occurred few months ago. My friend who pro in repairing electronic stuffs told me that normally is the small component get spoiled. I don’t know what the name of that component called is (but I saw it before). After buying that new component and installed it only noticed that it is not work at all. /keksei... Conclusion is the fan’s motor gets spoiled. (Cantonese called “tar pau”)

The new table fan is Pensonic brand which is same brand with the previous one. It cost me around RM67.00. Recently I noticed that changing quite lot of new things. Like few days ago the new LCD monitor. Now is my table fan turns. When can I have a new car, new house (dreaming….)? Hehe….

On the other side, I have a new housemate/ Camie’s roommate very soon. I got to know this news on this Monday. During that time Camie said that she is not confirming yet. Today I woke up and realized that the girl was already move part of her stuffs to here. I get shocked. I not really know her so many things. I just know her little things from Camie. She is advance student in SOT. She has a boyfriend. That’s all!

New monitor

Don’t misunderstand that I showing off, ok? Hehe….

One day before I went back to hometown, my dad gave me a call. He asked me back to Ipoh get a new LCD monitors for him. As my hometown’s CRT monitors spoiled long time ago. I suggest that I gave my current 15” LCD monitors to him, and then paid me money for buying a new one. Finally deal with my dad successfully. Hehe... Maybe he is looking for basic use only. So he doesn’t mind to use “second hand”.

Thus, I take this chance to buy a bigger size of LCD monitors. From the beginning I was considering 17” or 19”. Afterward I make a call to my friend, who pro in computer hardware. His suggestion is buying 20” or 22”. Although the 17” and 19” LCD monitors are cheap and worth to buy it now. But 20” or 22” is become popular no longer, said by him.

I did the research on internet such as dell. Dell was doing promotion on 22” LCD at the end of September. They offered RM859 for it. Woah, it’s cheap enough. I really got an excited feeling to get it immediately. My friend said it is not bad, but he still preferred Samsung. Then I went to Lowyat Plaza look for the Samsung brand monitor. Samsung LCD monitor really did a good job in term of color, sharpness and contrast. But Samsung brand LCD expensive than other brand. I am being hesitated between Dell 22” and Samsung 20” during that time.

In order to get a sharp image quality, I choose Samsung 20” at last. As the resolution for these two monitors are same. Which mean the smaller size of the monitor the sharper of the image quality can be presented. Wide screen monitor really good for working on Photoshop. It provided larger spaces for the workplace. :D

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Cameron Highland

I have long time didn’t update the blog. Went back to hometown for 10 days, there are no high speed internet connection, no drama and no msn chatting. It’s really having a boring lifestyle at there. All the way stay at home just sleep, eat, and sit here and there.

23-9-2007, Sunday got an idea went to Cameron highland. I spent 1 hour something to reach there. Last been there was during the trip with Joshua, Camie and Yik Ming on February 2006. The purpose of going there because of its cool whether and enjoy the tea (my mum and dad always been there just enjoy the tea =.=). Yes, the tea is great. I ordered the drink was strawberry tea. It is no different with the normal tea we had seen. In term of the color and the tea pack. When you taste it you will like it so much. It is full of strawberry smell. The drink has a delicate sweet. There are quite lot of flavor such as apple, blueberry, rose, etc. It is relaxing while you have the tea with the cool wind.

After the tea time, of cause went to look for the flower and vegetable. All the plants arranged very nicely. Sometime you even smell a strong fertilizer foul smell which is made from chicken feces.