Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 3 @ Macau - Ruins of St. Paul's & Mount Fortress

This morning we went to eat Macau’s famous food which was the Portuguese egg tart. The café was located the street behind of our guesthouse we stayed. Besides of the tart, they have various kinds of sandwich and drinks. Most of the officers like to come over here took away their breakfast.

It was fresh, warm and delicious. I ate two to three pieces continually. Any nice Portuguese egg tart available in KL? I want to makan leh.....

You can pick any filling you want into your sandwich.

This one was nice too.

Third floor of this building was the guesthouse we stayed.

The place we had the Portuguese egg tart called Magret's Café & Nata. Every single Portuguese egg tart costs MOP5.50.

Post office

Family photo at Senado Square.

Sibling photo. Hehe....

Lou Yan Ka!!!

Say hi to Ruins of St. Paul's.....

I spotted another Lou Yan Ka sitting in front of Ruins of St. Paul's. Haha...

See that uncle and the naked woman statue. Another Lou Yan Ka walked toward again. Why so many Lou Yan Ka one??

The blue blue sky was back!

Ruins of St. Paul’s reflected on the window.

Me and Ruins of St. Paul’s. Hehee....

Mount Fortress was next to Ruins of St. Paul’s. dad.....

Macau city view from Mount Fortress

The Museum of Macau

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 2 @ ZhuHai - 圆明新园 (New Yuan Ming Palace)

The New Yuan Ming Palace would be the last place to go for our tour package. Among all the sightseeing that we went through the whole day, this place was the most interesting one. Here was the shooting location of the popular China drama “My Fair Princess (还珠格格)” as well.

Here is little information about New Yuan Ming Palace that I get it from internet.

The New Yuan Ming Palace is a reproduction of the imperial Yuan Ming Yuan in Beijing, one of the favorite gardens of the late emperors of the Qing dynasty. It was burnt down and completely destroyed by British and French troops in 1860. The New Yuan Ming Palace was built as a reminder of the glory and the bitter history of ancient China and has been set up as a patriotism education site.

The entrance fee was RMB60 (for night season only).

For the night season ticket after 6pm only can got into there. We been there early and felt little bit hungry. So we bought this makan.

Cold weather with sweet potato....nice!


New Yuan Ming Palace

This is maltose. The shape is special but I wonder how to eat it.

We had the dinner inside the New Yuan Ming Palace.

It was super big portion. Can I say China man like to eat rice? Haha...

We still have little time left, so just walk around.

Phoenix, made by Chinese traditional meal set. Can’t see it clearly?

I really admired how they join it together.

Again, amazing handwork they have. The material was same with that phoenix.

Family photo. Hehe...

Night view was much nicer.

Emperor’s seat

That’s all for the ZhuHai one day trip.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day 2 @ ZhuHai - 九州城 (JiuZhou Cheng), 景山园 (JingShan Park) and Island Hopping

Hey, I’m back. Thanks to the assignments, this Macau post keeps pausing. I promise the whole thing will be finish as soon as possible. There’s lot of other post is pending because of this.

Early morning we took public bus off to ZhuHai city. By the way, I love Macau public bus service. Their buses got many turns within a short moment. I wondered when is our country can do that.

We actually can’t get much tourist information about ZhuHai city especially for their bus router and sightseeing location through the internet. So the best choice was joined their one day trip package. Regarding to their tourism management, I used “sucks” to describe their service. We paid one day trip money, but we received half day visiting only.

First of all, we registered the package then they sent us to unknown bus station and wait for further arrangement. After that we wait for one hour and wait for don’t know what the hell procedure then we only gets into the bus. We wait another more than one hour to wait for the unscheduled late tour guide. We spent the whole afternoon wait this and that. End up we were rushing from one place to another place. Moreover most of the sightseeing spots were not really special and felt bored.

We went to the first place,JiuZhou Cheng (九州城). It is museum and nothing special out there.

Outside of the museum I found some hawkers like this woman. She was still using the traditional Chinese steelyard balance to measure the weight.

Bing Tong Wu Lou

After the quick visit of museum, we had the lunch at a restaurant which was included in the tour package. Next, we headed to second sightseeing spot, JingShan Park (景山园).

There’s two ways got to the peak:

Cable car


Bus no.11 (jalan kaki)

The hill was rather high. By walking up to the peak spend you half an hour. But cable car just need 3 minutes would reach there.

Oh yea, you have to pay for the cable car. I forgot the price though.


From the peak you can see through ZhuHai city. The weather was not nice and can’t see it clearly.

There’s two ways back to the ground. One was the cable car or this...

One minute reaches ground. Damn fast. Unfortunately, we don’t have much time to wait for the long queue. :(

Evening, we’re arrived WanZai Wharf to take the Macau island hopping. It’s quite disappointing and felt bored along this journey. If this activity make it at night would be better, as least we can see the beautiful night view rather than grey sky and without sunset. Nevertheless, I will put the photos at here but add some warm color on it. Otherwise everything will be in dull color.

Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre