Saturday, November 29, 2008

After 3 weeks....

Ok lah, finally I update my blog. Please forgive me that not updating it such a long time. I was definitely a lazybones and missed out many posts, e.g. Adobe CS4 seminar, Kelvin’s birthday celebration, outing, etc.

The water pipe repairing project (behind of my house) was irritated me. This morning suppose I can enjoy my sleeping, but they’re started their work early morning. Their motor makes the very noisy and annoying sounds from day to night. It keep continue many days already. I almost get crazy because of that. Besides of that, the Chinese supervisor always scolds the malay workers with rude words. Most funny was the rude words spoke in Cantonese like “ti_ le_ m_ cho_ ha_ buat macam ni lah! Ape ha_ you buat begitu. Chun dou ha_!” Yea… is something like this. I wondered are they understanding that or not.

*Feel free to fill in the blank by yourself.

My assignments are officially done. Now I’m waiting for the exam. Meanwhile, I can enjoy my drama all the time. wahaha…

Christmas is coming soon!
New Year is coming soon!!
Chinese New Year is coming soon!!!

I am getting more and more excited about that. Kekeke…..

Christmas any plan? If no, then I should find out something to do on that day. Balik hometown meh? So kesian lah Christmas balik hometown. Lol….

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Wedding dinner

Just went back from the wedding dinner. Tired and full.

The wedding dinner was held at Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club (KLGCC). The reason of my cousin (tong gor) makes the wedding dinner over there because he was the member of the golf club.

The interior of the dinner room was decorated more to the western style, but the foods they served were Chinese traditional dishes.

Their wedding photos are very nice in term of the spot shooting, composition and all that. It is considered the best wedding photographs I had seen. On the spot already have around 10 photographers holding the camera ready for shooting. All of them using full frame camera and attached those superb lens!!!! Yes, my tong gor worked as part time wedding photographer. That’s why he invited quite many photographers gang attend his dinner. Imagine that I took out my D80 with the lousy kit lens at there, how are those professional photographers think of me?

“Keep back your cheap gear lah! Want to show off in front of us meh? “ lol...

Tomorrow is my “wonderful” Sunday. It means that tons of works to do. So better go and take a rest now. Goodnight.