Friday, November 23, 2007

Miserable life

I gonna crazy soon. I know what my current condition is and I can’t afford to go out have some fun like shopping, eating at here and there or even traveling. The one I can do is everyday hiding myself at home and around two days only step out from my house once. Normally went to fill up the water and buy some ingredients for cooking. It is a miserable lifestyle.

My new housemate’s boyfriend asked me: “You don’t think it is boring that staying at home everyday?” “Eh, today didn’t step out from house ah?” “Everyday surfing and watching series don’t felt boring meh?”

Sigh, what can I reply to him?
I always answer: “ok ok loh”.

Actually another answer appeared in my mind, do you think I wish to do that? I got do nothing with the broke period. I stay at home is the best of the best way and praying the loan come faster. Yes, FASTER please. Ok?

*Dear Mr. PTPTN, it is quite a serious matter for late releasing the payment.*

Monday, November 19, 2007

Crabs crabs crabs



Since few weeks ago had the bad taste of seafood at Pulau Ketam, just now I went to eat crabs again. Actually my sister suggests this great idea during on the way back to KL from Ipoh. The location of this restaurant is Bandar Sri Damasara, Taman Wangsa Permai. There are already full of people while we reach there at 6pm. The crab’s price is damn cheap. It is cheaper than Pulau Ketam. They offer RM18 per kg. Approximately three crabs.

There are few more kinds of cooking the crabs, such as cheese, “kung bou” and “kam heong”. Before that we were planning to order crabs only. But it won’t look so good. So we ordered “salt yolk crabs” and a “taufu”. Both of the dishes are delicious. It is really cheap and good taste. That is the reason draw lot of people come forward to taste it.

Friday, November 16, 2007


Yea, I’m free until I have lot of time to prepare for my dinner everyday. Above is my dinner just now. It contains of spaghetti, pork chop, egg, and tomato. Perhaps the arrangement of the food not so attractive (because the plate not big enough to fit in all the things).

It just a short post, and tomorrow I’m going back to hometown.

Friday, November 09, 2007

PhotoshopWorld Asia Pacific 2007

I attended the Photoshop World Asia Pacific 2007 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel by three days ago. There were around thousands and three hundreds of people joined this seminar. Ms Loh Ming Wei and CK were being there also. I noticed that all of the speakers in this seminar came from oversea, for example Singapore.

The seminar was all regarding to the Adobe Photoshop which is included its history, products, and tutorials. The organizer provided few of the professional to show the live tutorials in many aspects. It was related to graphic design, web design, advertising, photo retouching, etc. It is really worth to attend this event.

You may gain lot of additional knowledge in using the Photoshop, if you had copy down all the steps of the tutorials that they showing on the projector screen. Unfortunately, I didn’t do that. I just sit at there and focus on what they are doing in Photoshop. That’s why I forget 90% of the steps. Anyone got the full notes or part of it? Is that possible to give me a copy?

Monday, November 05, 2007

Say nothing!

Yea, I knew that I having the boring life everyday. It happened since the semester break started on October. Currently, I’m not watching drama then will be surfing internet or even playing the yahoo online game. Is that everyone are expecting this kind of life style? Yes, you are. But after a short period you will understand what is my feeling now.

You probably suggest me go and get a job. Either it is full time or part time. Previously, I applied quite lot of jobs which is related to design. For example, web designer, graphic designer, etc. I had received some feedback from that. The worst thing was a company totally lost contact while I inform them that I accept their job offer. I don’t know whether it is good luck or bad luck.

Today I went to Jaya Jusco to look for the job. I found that few of the shop stick a vacancy notice beside its main entrance. Well, I walked in interview. After around 10-20 seconds, I walked out. The reason is all of the positions are already full. I was wondering that since it is already get somebody, why they still put the notice out? Memang babi!!!