Sunday, May 03, 2009

Day 3 @ Macau - The Venetian Macao

Along the way back from Ruins of St. Paul's, we went to look for the souvenir.

One of the famous souvenir shop there. You actually can try out all of the products they are selling includes the dried meat (肉干). My dad brought a lot of dried meat. But we already finished makan it before departing from Macau. :D

We passed through a fish ball stall where many people queue up for buying it. So we bought some to eat. The taste was just so-so.

The street crowded with people and many souvenir shops available here.

A-Ma Temple. We took the public bus down to here. We didn’t go into the temple though as you can see the picture there was full of people.

This milk custard (炖奶) was nice.

Evening, before we went to visit The Venetian Macau, we took a short trip in Fisherman’s Wharf (渔人码头) where next to the Macau-HK Ferry Terminal. The Fisherman’s Wharf is the first theme park in Macau. All the stores and restaurants within here are builds in the style of different world seaport like Cape Town, Amsterdam and Venice. It has three major themes which is Dynasty Wharf, East Meets West and Legend Wharf.

This was part of Dynasty Wharf.

Alright, we got to take shutter bus to The Venetian Macau.

For your information, The Venetian Macau is a Renaissance Venice-themed luxury hotel and casino resort in Macau. It is reproduced on its sister casino resort – The Venetian in Las Vegas. The Venetian Macau is the largest single structure hotel building in Asia and the fourth-largest building in the world. Its casino is currently the largest in the world as well.


San Luca canal


We had the dinner at The Venetian food court.


This building was huge. I was unable to get the full shoot of this building even mounted with a wide angel lens unless you stand far away.