Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The web photo album has been updated.

*I spent the whole night to arrange all of my photos in the computer and camera. Sigh...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yet busy

There are too many things postpone to update at here. Therefore, I just ignore all of it and not going to post them anymore. As the title said I still busy with my works until end of this month. Now I was starting to plan for the Redang trip. But there is the blocking as some of them said no money and then the whole trip is not enough of people. Sigh….. Well, now I still getting the people to join in. Hopefully it does not delay again and again because every year having the same reason for cancels the trip.

As usual today I went out do some shooting. After that I came back to Wangsa Maju LRT took the rapid bus back home. While waiting for the bus, there is an old woman waiting the bus as well. Firstly, she has a glance on me then she asked me what bus number I waiting for. Actually we are waiting for the same bus go into Seksyen 2. Afterward, she chitchats with me. Suddenly she pops up a question and said are you 16 years old? My goodness. I was like …….. (Hard to explain my feeling. For those who met the same situation you should understand that kind of feeling, am I right?)
“I’m 21 years old”, I answered her.

Should I happy or sad? For me, the answer is sad. But most of my friends said you should happy that you still look young. The worse thing is all of them treat it as the funny story. =.= Speechless.