Thursday, October 30, 2008

20.21 continue.....

Ok....let’s continue the birthday dinner at Fullhouse.

That’s what we ordered:

Henry ordered this, but don’t know how the taste was.

Quite a number of us ordered this chicken chop. It was highly recommended. (Cmei, what’s the name of it ah?)

Fried chicken chop. The taste was just normal only.

This was Cmei one. It looks nice.

Birthday day girl + fried chicken chop....(your face ada looks fat ah? Hahaha)

Let’s go upstairs of Fullhouse.

Upstairs also provided the table for dinner. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the table right here. Maybe Friday is crowded of people and the table has been book earlier by others. Sad.

Hehe….this was another cake prepared by Dylan, Hon Mun and me. Sorry guys...cannot share the cake on the spot because this was half kilo cake only, as we never expected there’s so many people join for the dinner.

Somehow I like this shot, although some were appeared blur because of their moving.

Well, that’s all for the celebration. Most of them like this place so much. Yes, I like it too. Next time bring my sister have the dinner here, so that I can try out other foods again. Kekeke.....

By the way, last night had the birthday celebration for Kelvin. Happy birthday!!!! Haha..... Before this post is up, I want to complete the tag first. It’s being pending for long time. hehehe.....

Please refer the relevant post for more details: Yeeleng

Monday, October 27, 2008


This is yeeleng’s birthday celebration; kinda late update it to the blog. Opps...the rest also haven’t post it (except lindy) even the birthday girl haven’t do it yet. Lol...

Erm, there were three parts of surprising to her.

1. Whole class were ready the cake and wait her walked into study room.

2. Brought her to Fullhouse had the dinner. (We knew that she like this restaurant so much, lol)

3. She received the “50mm f1.8 lens”....ahhaha.

Enjoy the photos...:D

Spot 1: Study room

Birthday girl & the cheese cake

Group photo (girls only)

Guy turns

Spot 2: Fullhouse restaurant

Downstairs of Fullhouse

The table was extra long as we had 18 people there. Only Munster and Dylan was the Ktar gang, the rest were Utar gang. Lol.....

Too many photos, so I split it into two parts.
To be continue......

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Malaysia also dangerous!

Hehe….just finished watching Bangkok Dangerous at Pavilion with friends. The last I had the movie in cinema was half years ago. Before that almost everyday busy for assignments, now finally got the chance to enjoy that.

Back to the movie, overall I was ok for that. Few parts of it are quite funny also. Unfortunately, the ending was sucks!

That pig’s birthday celebration will be up soon. The tag I received from kar yee is pending now as the questions are really hard to answer it. Can I skip the part one ah?? :D

Monday, October 20, 2008

LRT Putra Line

It was a little humorous story that I heard while taking LRT back home. This was happened between two strangers who was a malay woman (OL) and a malay young guy. The train was going to Setiawangsa station; these two strangers started their conversation as below.

Guy: Do you know where the Terminal Putra is?
Woman: Terminal Putra?
Guy: Yea, do you know that?
Woman: Er…Terminal Putra ah? You need to get back to Masjid Jamek and then take Star Line interchange back to LRT Putra Line.
Guy: Really? (He looks little confuse.)
Woman: Only LRT Putra Line can be arrived Terminal Putra.

OMG! After I heard that I feel like laughing.

Hello! Now you’re taking LRT Putra Line please, don’t point the wrong way for others. That guy seems not that stupid believe what she said. In the end, he called out ask for help from his friend.

Damn stupid lah this woman!!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

An event

The current events I took part by yesterday, KLPF and i-Feel girl search.

Oh ya, I met my secondary friend. She was working as part timer for i-Feel function. We were excited met up with each other accidently. We thought the other side had changed the contact number. Actually we are not. She reminded me the secondary school life like few of us almost everyday ss at the back. From the first class laughed till finished class.

Honestly, I’m not passion in photographing the function especially those event and fashion show. Don’t ask me why. Anyway, that’s my first try on it. Few photos only...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Holiday end

Jadi babi selama three weeks already. After this I’ll back to university life. Damn happy that it is short semester.

Well, look back to October blog achievement that is still zero. I was lazy to do the update. Anyway, this is the first post of this month.

Remember the product shooting? Share it right here.