Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 2 @ ZhuHai - 圆明新园 (New Yuan Ming Palace)

The New Yuan Ming Palace would be the last place to go for our tour package. Among all the sightseeing that we went through the whole day, this place was the most interesting one. Here was the shooting location of the popular China drama “My Fair Princess (还珠格格)” as well.

Here is little information about New Yuan Ming Palace that I get it from internet.

The New Yuan Ming Palace is a reproduction of the imperial Yuan Ming Yuan in Beijing, one of the favorite gardens of the late emperors of the Qing dynasty. It was burnt down and completely destroyed by British and French troops in 1860. The New Yuan Ming Palace was built as a reminder of the glory and the bitter history of ancient China and has been set up as a patriotism education site.

The entrance fee was RMB60 (for night season only).

For the night season ticket after 6pm only can got into there. We been there early and felt little bit hungry. So we bought this makan.

Cold weather with sweet potato....nice!


New Yuan Ming Palace

This is maltose. The shape is special but I wonder how to eat it.

We had the dinner inside the New Yuan Ming Palace.

It was super big portion. Can I say China man like to eat rice? Haha...

We still have little time left, so just walk around.

Phoenix, made by Chinese traditional meal set. Can’t see it clearly?

I really admired how they join it together.

Again, amazing handwork they have. The material was same with that phoenix.

Family photo. Hehe...

Night view was much nicer.

Emperor’s seat

That’s all for the ZhuHai one day trip.